Opening Series of PJB and PJBS Safari Ramadan in UBJOM PLTU Indramayu


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Safari Ramadhan is a routine agenda of PJB and PJBS management in every Ramadan. This event is a form of the visit of Directors and management representatives to PJBS work units which aims to establish a good relationship between management and employees in the work units. This PJBS Safari Ramadhan 2015 is special, because the management of PJBS have to visit 18 work units PJBS which certainly more number than in the previous year, and this time UBJOM Indramayu has become the first destination to start the Safari Ramadhan 2015 series.
Safari Ramadhan in Indramayu took place in the 1st floor lobby of admin buildings of PLTU Indramayu, and was attended by Production Director of PT PJB Mr. Yudi Wicaksono, Director of Human Resources and Administration of PT PJBS Mr. Adi Setiawan, GM of PLTU Indramayu Mr. Judi Rahmanu, as well as all employees of PT PJB, PJBS, and MKP are located in Indramayu power plant unit with the theme of “Being godly personal by working and sharing”


Safari Ramadhan in Indramayu opened by reading of the Holy Koran then followed by a speech from Mr. Judi Rahmanu as GM PLTU Indramayu, a speech from Mr. Yudi Wicaksono as Production Director of PT PJB and remarks from Mr. Adi Setiawan as Director of Human Resources and Administration of PT PJBS. In his speech Mr. Adi Setiawan present information about PJBS’ current business developments and opportunities for us as employees to develop their careers. During this session, employees are allowed to ask some questions to the Director of HR and Administration PJBS. From this arises a dynamic 2-way communication between management and employees. Then the ceremony continued by religious lectures and closed with breaking the fast and maghrib prayer in congregation.
Overall the opening series of Safari Ramadhan in UBJOM PLTU Indramayu lasted simple but contains a lot meanings. In keeping with the theme of the show is ” Being godly personal by working and sharing” can be concluded that this Ramadan is the right moment to recharge yourself towards servants are cautious, by worship including produce works that are useful and can be shared for others

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