In order to welcome the era of competition in the ASEAN Economic Community (ASEAN Economic Community), the necessary human resources who have the skills and expertise are nationally certified. With electricity growth, which reached 8.4% per year is able to provide a significant enough impact to the growth of the number of technical personnel in the field of power generation.

In terms of governance, government policy as stated in Law No.30 of 2009 Article 44 paragraph 6 which reads "Every power techniques in the electricity business must have a certificate of competence".

The government policy is certainly an impact to the business PJB Services. Assuming a market share of PJB Services next four years reached 18%, the projected impact on increasing the number of technical staff of 3,800 people. Therefore PT PJB Services as a provider of technical personnel in the field of generation shall prepare human resources who are able to compete globally.

With the phenomenon of the increasing demand for certified technical personnel accredited institution while limited, encouraging PT PJB Services to synergize with Welfare Foundation PT PJB (5% ownership) established a subsidiary that is engaged in the competence of certification bodies. On May 6, 2015 domiciled in Jakarta stood PT Certification of Competency Power Plant (PT SKP). PT SKP will begin commercial operation in late 2015 and targeted at first-year engineering personnel able to certify as many as 1,500 people. MUdjiono, as Director of PT SKP, in the first AGM held on July 3, 2015 in 2015 will focus on cost efficiency and in parallel roadshow PT SKP recognition as an accredited certification body to potential customers.