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It has not been felt that for 18 years PJB Services has been established, trying to provide the best for the nation, serving for the progress of development, many achievements and awards have been achieved, but all that does not make PJB Services complacent.

This company continues to improve, create an integrated system and further enhance work professionalism, PJB Services understands that all these achievements will not occur without the participation of all parties, good cooperation so far may continue to be improved in the years to come.

And yesterday, at the PJB Services Head Office in Sidoarjo, the peak of the 18th PJB Services Anniversary Ceremony was held, on this occasion, all Directors of PJB Services, subsidiaries, and former PJB Services Directors who had served and dedicated themselves to the company. Also present were the Managing Director of PT PJB as well as Shareholders of PT PJB Bpk. Iwan Agung Firstantara.

The event was enlivened by Music Entertainment from a well-known musician in Indonesia, Pongky Bharata with its Dangerous Band, who were able to anesthetize all the attendees who came and with melancholy songs that added to the festivities of the anniversary of the Company.

On this occasion there were also prizes from the winners of the competitions held during the Company Anniversary Commemoration, such as Photo & Video Competition, EAST Competition, Innovation Competition, Award to Winners of PLN LINK, and Future Leader Competition, at the end of the event, a lottery was held. by BNI for its appreciation from BNI, in collaboration with PJB Services.

Hopefully, PJB Services will progress and strengthen its position to become the best generator maintenance company not only at the national level and even able to reach the world level.

SIAP for Reaching The Sky!

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