Speech by President Director

Dear Customers and Partners,

On behalf of PT PLN Nusantara Power Services management, we are pleased to welcome you in our world of Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Services, as we are committed to provide Total Solution for Power Generation.

PT PLN Nusantara Power Services was founded by PT PLN Nusantara Power, a Power Generation Company which is the subsidiary of PT PLN (Persero) with long and vary of experiences. Thus since very beginning of PT PLN Nusantara Power Services established, we already have people with accumulated skills, experiences and knowledge whose capable to provide excellent services for operation and maintenance for Power Plant.

We, PT PLN Nusantara Power Services, have been growing up in line with the demand growth of Operation and Maintenance Service in Indonesia. We serve the power plant owned by PT PLN (Persero) Group and also IPP (Independence Power Producer) with many kind of power plants such as coal fired steam turbine power plant, combine cycle or simple cycle gas turbine power plant, hydro turbine power plant and Diesel Engine. This growth indicated that we are a trusted company to handle asset management, operation and maintenance of power plant asset.

Our balance sheet, represented our wealth is not only dominated by physical asset capital, but also human asset with good attitude, knowledge, skill and experiences who is the main asset of PT PLN Nusantara Power Services. To maintain the quality of our services, we committed to develop our people with systematic and consistent approach to achieve standard of competency including the company core values “AKHLAK”.

Beside people capacity and capability, we also committed to improve our services through methodology and technology approach. The application of best practice in operation and maintenance system including updated information technology also improved, to ensure that every single asset operated byPT PLN Nusantara Power Services will be optimally utilized.
Best Regards

President Director

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