Whistle Blowing System

What is the purpose of Whistle Blowing System?
1. Providing the ways to deliver important and critical information for the Company to those who must immediately handle it safely; 2. Providing the ways of how to handle an early warning system of a problem due to a fraud; 3. Providing the ways of opportunities to handle the problem of fraud internally first before expanding into problems of public fraud; 4. Increasing the Company's reputation in the eyes of Stakeholders, Regulators and the general public; 5. To give an input to the Company to improve the internal control system and to design the necessary corrective actions.
Who else can report the fraud?
A person or legal entity both originating from the Company's internal and external environment that conveys information, regarding events or there are indications of frauds through the channels / media offered by the Company.
Who else can be reported for fraud
Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners, The Board of Commissioners support, and the entire Employee (include Employees of Work Tasks of PJBS) and also the other personnel who directly work with the Company.
What are the fraud report requirements?
1. Individual Reporting: Written reporting of fraud must be accompanied by a photocopy, informant's identity and supporting evidence such as documents relating to the fraud to be submitted; 2. Reporting Legal Entity / Institution: in addition to the above documents also submitted documents :a. Photocopy. proof of identity of Legal Entity / Institution .b. A document that states that the party submitting the report is authorized to represent the agency or legal entity
What are the contents?
1. What : what acts indicate known as fraud 2. Where : where the fraud take place 3. When : when the fraud is actualy happen 4. Who : who else that get involved in the fraud 5. How : how the fraud is happen
What types of fraud can be reported?
1. Conflict of Interest: 2. Corruption; 3. Cheating; 4. Darkening; 5. Violations in the Process of Procurement of Goods and Services: 6. Misuse of Position / Authority: 7. Gratuity.
How is the protection for the Reporter?
Beside from confidentiality, a whistleblower will receive protection from the Company against adverse treatment such as : 1. Unfair dismissal; 2. Declining grade and / or position; 3. Harassment or discrimination in all its forms. 4. An adverse record in his personal data file


How to make a report of a fraud?

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