K3 Award


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At the closing of the Month of K3 PJB in 2019, there were several awards won by the PJBS, including for the Out-of-Java Generation Category <100 MW. Emergency Rescue Challenge category 1st Place: Suppa PLTD 2nd Place: Ketapang PLTU 3rd Place: Bangka PLTU Safety Creative media category 1st Place: Belitung PLTU 2nd Place: Tidore PLTU 3rd Place: Ropa PLTU Housekeeping and 5S categories 1st Place: Suppa PLTD 2nd Place: Kendari PLTU 3rd Place: Tembilahan PLTU General Champion: Suppa PLTD Hopefully this achievement can be improved in the future and increasingly foster K3 culture, so that ZERO ACCIDENT can be achieved in all work units of PT PJB Services SIAP Reaching The Sky!

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