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ONE activity to improve the quality of human resource of PJBS is through Induction Training Process, we review the activities conducted on prospective PJBS employees of ODP 8 (Office Development Programme batch-8) which was held on 8 to 14 June 2014.
Are there still Red and White in your chest ….
Are there still Garuda in your chest
Are there still PJBS your heart ….. yes …. yes …. yes …

That was one of the yells of encouragement were spoken from the students of ODP 8 PT PJB Services while implementing discipline training and the concept of nationalism in the State Defense Dodik Rindam 5 Brawijaya. New and unforgettable experiences felt by each trainee in starting the process of its induction training as OJT students in PT PJB Services. “Seven (7) days in training feels like a month”, said one of the participant. The training process begins from sunrise to sunset, Fajr prayers continued to exercise, morning assembly, classroom lessons and continue until night at apple 22:30 pm each day. The training is designed for the formation of mental discipline and responsibility for the employees of PT PJB Services through recruitment program in preparing a generation of beings who are ready to build a national electricity duty.
With structured material and handled by professional trainers each trainee can follow and take the meaning of each training process. Existing training include: Linear Line Regulation, Regulation Respecting the Military, Tata ceremony, Mental Ideology & Insights Folk, Self-Defense, and Motivation-Outbound.
There is also a messenger agenda evening / night soldier who gives the impression for each participant, where each participant will go through extreme route at night. On this night each participant messenger carrying out experiential learning, ie the measured values ​​of self-confidence, decision-making and honesty in the face of any existing descriptions. It is useful in the assignment in work activities. Of the 97 boys and 8 students daughters, all of them passed the training even though there are 10 students whose health was a little disturbed as colds and flu, but it is still covered by the corps spirit form when training. Training, discipline and insight nationality is closed on Saturday, June 14, 2014. Commander Dodik of Rindam 5 Brawijaya, strongly supports a training program designed by the PT PJB Services.(Mel & Pras-PJBS)

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