Power Plant Relocation And EPC

Cost control and risk management is done in project management of EPC contract by planning,controlling and simultaneous acceleration regarding to quality in project scope. We are committed to maintain the professionalism on our project schedule.

  1. Construction of Diesel Power Plant 1 x 15 MW (Turn Key) Kaji South Sumatera
  2. Procurement and installation of Diesel Engine Generator Set 4.7 MW 1000 RPM “Caterpillar” type 3616TA Diesel Power Plant Kayu Merah Ternate Maluku
  3. Procurement and Installation of Diesel Engine Generator Set 4.7 MW 1000RPM “Caterpillar” type 3616TA Diesel Power Plant Kuanino Kupang Nusa Tenggara Timur
  4. EPC Diesel Power Plant 2 x 2,5 MW Poka Ambon Maluku
  5. EPC Diesel Engine Generator Set 4,7 MW Diesel Power Plant Tenau Kupang
  6. Relocation of Gas Turbine #1 20 MW Gili Timur to Teluk Lembu PT. PLN
  7. Relocation of Gas Turbine 22 MW, 18 MW and 13,65 MW Talang Duku to Merah Mata PT. PLN
  8. Relocation of Diesel Engine Generator Set Apung Wartsila Type 12V46 Serial Number : 9906 Meulaboh to Leung Bata PT. PLN
  9. Shifting Steam Turbine #2 to #1 Steam Coal Fired Power Plant 2 x 22 MW Galang Batang PT. Capital Turbine Indonesia
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Perubahan PJBS menjadi PLN Nusantara Power Services