SIAP to Achieve the Best Performance in Supporting Business Sustainability


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Today (Wednesday, March 20, 2019) at the Head Office of PT PJB Services Sidoarjo, a Work Meeting was held in 2019, the 2019 Meeting took the theme: “READY to Achieve the Best Performance in Supporting Business Sustainability”

The event was opened with a direction from the President Director of PJBS, Mr. Djati Prasetyo and continued with the presentation of management by the Managing Director of PT PJB Bpk. Iwan Agung Firstantara, in his remarks, President Director of PJBS Mr. Djati Prasetyo said “Entering 2019, we are faced with a variety of challenges, 2019 is a political year. This requires that the generating units that we manage are truly ready. The occurrence of disturbances, especially those resulting in blackouts of a region, can have an impact that may never imagine, because it can be politicized which of course will harm us all.

“In addition, the management contract of the shareholders specified in the 2019 RKAP GMS is truly a challenge, which requires thinking out of the box, innovation and speed and accuracy of execution. This management contract needs extra attention from all levels to ensure that it can be achieved with expectations.

The 2019 Work Meeting is held for two days from March 20 and ends on March 21, 2019. Hopefully what we have planned and our joint program will be a result that will bring goodness to the company.

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