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Hello PJBS friends, the presence of Technology 4.0 has provided great benefits to the industrial world, including the electricity industry. This also motivates PJB Services to implement technology-based management 4.0, through an integrated management system called COMANDO (Condition Monitoring & Data Operation). By utilizing the sophistication of information technology, the condition of PJB Services power plant units spread across various regions in Indonesia can be monitored in real time from the Head Office. Thus, experts do not need to be physically present at the unit currently experiencing problems. Only under certain conditions do they come to the unit […]

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Raker Semester 2 of 2014 : Acceleration towards Operational Excellence and Sustainable Growth
RAKER 2014 1

SIDOARJO – President Director of PT PJB Services, Hari Suharso on Tuesday, August 19, 2014, held at the Main Hall 4th Floor Office Head Office of PT PJB Services opened Raker Semester 2 2014 on the theme “Accelerating towards Operational Excellence and Sustainable Growth.”

Implementation Meeting was held at the Head Office of PT PJB Services Sidoarjo took place on January 19, 2014 and which was attended by the Director of Planning and Marketing Ekho Trimurti, Director of Operations Ompang Riski Hasibuan, and Finance Director Rokhayati as well, as the entire Senior Manager, Manager , and the Head of Unit […]

PJB Investment 30 Billion on PLTMG Bawean
Peresmian PLTMG Bawean 3X1 MW

GRESIK – PT Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PJB) allocate investment funds worth Rp 30 billion to build a Gas Machine Powerplant (PLTMG) on Bawean.

“Development PLTMG we do to help people Bawean soon enjoy electricity. Plans PLTMG end of June 2014 there began operations,” said Director of Development and Commerce of PT PJB, Mulyo Adji AG, found in Surabaya on Tuesday.

He is optimistic, with the operation PLTMG built with fuel gas (CNG) it will have a total capacity of 3 megawatts of electrical energy (MW). To meet the needs of the gas, it uses CNG from Gresik.

“However, now […]

Perubahan PJBS menjadi PLN Nusantara Power Services