PJB Investment 30 Billion on PLTMG Bawean

Peresmian PLTMG Bawean 3X1 MW

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GRESIK – PT Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PJB) allocate investment funds worth Rp 30 billion to build a Gas Machine Powerplant (PLTMG) on Bawean.

“Development PLTMG we do to help people Bawean soon enjoy electricity. Plans PLTMG end of June 2014 there began operations,” said Director of Development and Commerce of PT PJB, Mulyo Adji AG, found in Surabaya on Tuesday.

He is optimistic, with the operation PLTMG built with fuel gas (CNG) it will have a total capacity of 3 megawatts of electrical energy (MW). To meet the needs of the gas, it uses CNG from Gresik.

“However, now we have not experienced barriers to transport CNG,” he said.

Moreover, he said, the condition of the waters between Gresik-Bawean particularly worrying given the high waves there could happen at any time. Therefore, PJB holding others to anticipate this.

“If the generation side, we are sure to do the operation and maintenance PLTMG it,” he said.

However, he added, that no experience is how to manage the transportation system. In fact, in certain congenital heart disease should provide special transport ship.

“We have to collaborate with certain companies engaged in transportation services especially those with special transports to CNG. PLTMG If it needs gas to reach about 2 mmscfd per day,” he said.

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